^ 1992, Bob presented with the award for the most significant contribution to law enforcement training from the Department of Treasury.


"Pull up your camp chair and bring your tissues. Bob's stories bring life from the campfire flame straight to your heart. You will laugh, cry and thank him."

— Toni Kellar
Program Director, National Whitetail Deer Education Foundation


"Bob Welsh's 'Embers' is about heroes, legends, experiences, happiness, sorrow, and pleasures laid down in poetic phrase that will delight you, make you smile, lift your spirits, warm your heart and touch your soul. The only thing better than reading them is to hear Bob tell them."

— Dr. D. J. Van Meter
Founder, Van Meter & Associates, Training & Organizational Development for Public Safety Forces


"To read Embers From A Storyteller's Mind by Bob Welsh is to experience the reality of life with all of its emotions.

From laughter to tears, from smiles to frowns, from new awareness to I-told-you-so, the life-centered messages jump off the pages of poetry and the reader becomes involved in a story of life which becomes a living sermon.

Even if I had not known the author personally before having had the privilege of reading his book I would feel that I knew him as his spirit and zest for life jump off the pages and become real. I shall never forget the experience of meeting him and being invited to have some bear stew which he had made. With hesitation I started to eat this unknown substance from the bowl. It tasted great. When I commented to some troopers about how great a cook Bob Welsh was with bear stew, I was told that I probably didn't know what else was in that bowl. The same might be said for the stories Bob tells. There are many wonderful truths embedded in each story. Stories to be read, enjoyed, digested, and put into practice by the way we live our lives each day.

A wonderful book by a great storyteller. He gave me a copy which is mine to keep. However, I will be most willing to buy two or three others to loan to people who need to experience a moment of inspiration along with a sometimes humorous and sometimes tear-filled challenge to live life more fully."

— Rev. Dick Ellsworth