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"Embers from a Storyteller's
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The bookEmbers from a Storyteller’s Mind” is the perfect size (6" x 9") for travel, backpacking, long plane rides, or the bedside table. It is a timeless culmination of short poetic stories (true and contrived) that can be read one by one or cover to cover.

50 unique stories, over 200 pages, ranging from history to humor to spine-chilling adventures -- all set to verse -- in only the way Bob Welsh can deliver. Each copy is personally autographed by the author.

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CD“ Embers from a Storyteller's Mind” including Birth Of A Hunter, Colter's Run, Principles, The Window, Whiskey Joe, A Couple Things To Do, Bubba, Comparison, The Navajo Code, Thanks, Spike Camp, I Wonder Where I'll Be, Sleep Well You Men Of Indy's Crew, The Legend of Hugh Glass, A Brother's Love, My Hunting Buddy, And The Bugle Played, Prayers and Stairs, Signature, Within The Flame, An Elk Hunt, Sawtooth's Frightening Beauty, And Now We'll All Go Home, Noah's Ark, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, My Christmas Eve.

Courage, passion, leadership, creativity the full tapestry of human emotions come to life in this new inspiring collection of verse narratives by master storyteller Bob Welsh.

$15.95 - purchase in left column

The Education – Do you know how the American Indians helped to win World War II? Do you know the name and horrifying story of the only known man to survive capture of the Black Foot Indians? Who was the frontiersman in 1823 who was mauled by a grizzly and left for dead but managed to carry himself 200 miles to help? Are you intrigued by military stories of real-life soldiers' experiences? Read Bob’s book and you will learn the details of these and other true stories.